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Shooting Sports UNG

Thu Jul 11, 2013
The University of North Georgia Shooting Sports Program is one of the most unique and innovative programs in the country with its combination of military and intercollegiate competition teams.The Service Rifle and Pistol Team is the premiere unit on campus for military marksmanship training and weapons familiarization. Cadets frequently train to a high level of proficiency with the M16A2 Assault Rifle and the M9 Beretta Pistol. The Service Rifle and Pistol Team competes in local shooting matches, including 3 Gun and 100 yard reduced matches. The team has also traveled to Fort Benning, GA to compete against soldiers in the U.S. All-Army Small Arms Championships. Cadets on the team are occasionally afforded the opportunity to train with tactical shotguns and the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon. Members of the Service Rifle and Pistol Team are afforded some of the best shooting opportunities and training a college ROTC Cadet can receive.The Intercollegiate Rifle Team trains intensely every day in the latest shooting techniques and procedures for competition shooting. The Intercollegiate team is made up of both ROTC Cadets and North Georgia students. Standards for the team are high and experience in formal competition shooting is highly recommended.