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Colombo UNG

Thu Jul 11, 2013
The Mountain Order of Colombo is the premier developmental leadership opportunity offered by the Corps of Cadets at UNG. The mission of the Order of Colombo Mountain Platoon is to develop and train North Georgia cadets in the art of basic and advanced military mountaineering, small unit infantry tactics, and woodland survival while developing personal attributes of physical endurance, mental agility, and intestinal fortitude in order to develop dynamic, capable leaders for the United States Army. The motto of the unit is "If You Can't Keep Up the Pace Drop Out of the Formation."In 1962, the unit was founded at North Georgia College by a small group of cadets who were interested in forming a military mountaineering organization after watching a demonstration performed by the cadre of the U.S. Army Mountain Ranger Camp. After requesting information and training assistance from the Ranger Camp, Master Sergeant Louis P. Colombo volunteered his time and knowledge to instruct North Georgia Cadets on the principles of mountaineering and infantry tactics. Master Sergeant Colombo was the second honorary Ranger not to go through Ranger School. Prior to MSG Colombo's departure, the unit was named in his honor.